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    Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant oils to benefit the mind, body and spirit. At Hanu Yoga we use single oils and blends to  energize and relax at the right moments. All oils are from Young Living; a company who grows, distills, and distributes their own oils in order to maintain a theraputic grade oil. Come and experience yoga and aromatherapy combined at Hanu Yoga!

Essential oils can boost immunity. Use essential oils when working on your own self-care. Clove and ylang ylang are two oils that can help with  restoring and rejuvenating yourself.

 For more information contact kirsten@hanuyoga.com or call; 732 552-6178, or you can visit www.youngliving.com.

You can order oils online at;
or by calling 800-371-3515
Distributor: Kirsten Askins #1189732