All the classes are open to all levels. Do your best while balancing effort and ease.

Class Descriptions

Ayurvedic Yoga  In the spring, the emphasis is on cleansing the lungs and warming the kidneys. Poses and breath that that facilitate this will be taught and practiced.

Flow then Restorative Yoga with Reiki Begin with a flowing practice to strengthen the body and then make use of the gentle longer holds of restorative yoga to lengthen & rejuvenate. Receive  universal life healing energy or Reiki while in restorative postures.

Gentle Yoga Let go of stress and pain while improving flexibility, strength and balance by moving slowly through gentle yoga poses. Release tension and brighter your spirit by connecting  deeper to your body and breath. 

Gentle with Restorative Yoga A series of postures designed for stretching and rejuvenating the body along with restorative postures to strengthen the immune system.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Awaken to a higher vibration by combining the pace of gentle yoga with the meditation of a flowing practice.

Hatha Yoga Integrate elements from a number of yogic traditions in a creative & diverse approach to yoga.

Karma Vinyasa Community Yoga A free class, move united in breath to a strong flowing series of postures. 

Reiki Restore with Crystals In a group setting, rest and renew while receiving Reiki, acupressure and crystal healing. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that can transform your physical, emotional or spiritual state of being. Crystals are high vibrational earth energy that can both ground and uplift. Angels Cards will also be shared to help with guidance.

Reiki Restorative Yoga with Jamey and Tibetan Healing Bowls with Anne Marie Combine the healing properties of Reiki, Restorative Yoga and Tibetan Bowls. Self-care is not selfish, replenish with us. Not meeting April 26th.

Yin Yoga Experience release and reduce pain while releasing feel good hormones with longer held postures designed to stretch the body and the connective tissues while increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.


Private Sessions by Appointment

$60 per hour

Tarot Card Readings w/ Kirsten Connect to divine guidance through the symbolism of the Fool to the World journey.



Reiki & Essential Oils Healing w/Practitioners Receive spiritually guided life force energy to relax & promote healing.



Thai Yoga w/ Kirsten Experience yoga in a different way. Be gently opened & lengthened in the body through assisted yoga postures. 

Some benefits of Yoga
  • improves flexibility, & stamina
  • increases strength, muscle tone, and range of motion
  • creates healthier breathing patterns
  • cultivates concentration and focus
  • boosts the immune system
  • fosters stable moods
  • promotes well-being