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Reiki Restore with Gina
Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Rest and renew while receiving Reiki in a group setting. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that can transform your physical, emotional or spiritual state of being.  by donation or use class card

Chakra Balancing 
with Malia 

Saturday, January 7th 2-3:30 pm
Manifest in the New Year with yoga postures and chakra meditation guided by Malia to help clear any stuck energy and create balance in your body, mind and spirit. A  healing essential oil will be applied to each energy center to liberate the pathway along the rainbow bridge of manifestation. 

Reiki Healing Share 
with Alana
Sunday, January 15th
1:00 pm-3:00 pm
This share is a great way to experience Reiki healing energy.  Reiki is used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. You will be able to experience receiving Reiki perhaps with several practitioners at the same time. It gives them a chance to practice and you the opportunity to receive. The energy is powerful enough to make change happen in your life! If you are a practitioner come practice!
By Donation
Free Chair Yoga
with Kirsten

2nd Wednesday of the Month
Location: Barnegat Rehabilitation
859 W. Bay Avenue.
10 am - 11 am
Next class January 11th

Access Bars
with Jennifer

 January 21st
The Bars is a body process for dynamic change involving releasing energy in 32 positions on the head. This helps to clear limitations and relieves tension in mind and body. The session includes light reflexology of the hands and feet and includes aromatherapy throughout. At worst it will feel like a great massage and at best it will change your life. One hour private-introductory price.

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Soul Sessions Sangha 
with Lisa 
Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm 
Always By Donation
Meet in community to share and practice how to move toward a life of love and integrity.
January 5th
Dump the Resolutions: Creating 2017

January 12th
Free at Last: The Sacred Art of Allowing

January 19th
Not Meeting

January 26th
You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts
Chinese New Year Qigong Medicine 
with Darren Orr
Saturday January 28th 2:00-3:30 pm
January 28th, 2017 marks the 4714th Chinese New Year. Each year is represented by a gender, element, color and animal. 2017 is a Yin Fire Red Chicken/Rooster. The Red Chicken/Rooster is the sign of the dawn, when the darkness of our fears can be released into the fire of our consciousness. 2017 is a year of awakening, triumph and success, but it can only come to fruition at the price of hard work and patience. It expresses inner warmth, inner strength, insight, & intuition. This is a year to self-cultivate your spirit in solitude as well as to come together in harmony with friends as a community. With Qigong medicine you will learn how to awaken your Spirit in 2017 and fulfill your unique destiny.
Chinese New Year 
Crystal Bowl Meditation 
with Darren Orr  

Saturday, January 28th 4:00-5:00 pm
Celebrate Chinese New Year with a quartz crystal singing bowl meditation. The sound and vibrations emanating from the bowls will re-tune your body by opening, clearing and rebalancing the 7 chakras, 20 meridians and 365 acu-points. Your heart and respiratory rate will change, self-healing powers are activated and your immune system strengthened. Allow your body to vibrate in harmony and find yourself in a state of homeostasis, or sound health for 2017. 

Learn the Amazing Magic of Earth Energies:
Dowse Your Way to a More Healthy, Positive Life
with Robert Egby

Sunday, February 5th 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Positive energies for relaxation, healing, meditation and creative thoughts are all about us, if you know where and how to look for them. In this two hour workshop Robert Egby will demonstrate the basics of dowsing with rods and pendulum and discuss the intriguing phenomenon of Earth energies. Presented in his current book "Chasing the Cosmic Principle: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America" Robert will show how easy it is for anyone to find Earth ley lines and geospirals - both of which offer beneficial Yin energies. Also to be discussed is the mystical discovery called the "Cosmic Principle" where certain objects from pyramids and obelisks to certain words, colors, rocks, musical notes, and even a pyramid pattern on paper possess powers that cause a pendulum to rotate only in the Yin movement, counter-clockwise. Regarding the Principle, Robert will demonstrate how you can make one for your home or office in less than 30 seconds and by using a pendulum prove to friends that it is a valuable powerhouse that works. 

Astrology Readings with Kirsten
Said to be the first language of the heavens. You can know yourself & your soul's path toward love in this life and the best timing of events through your birth chart.
Readings by appointment $60 per hour.
Reiki Healing with Essential Oils with Practitioners
Receive spiritually guided life force energy to promote health and to open your energy field to love.
Call, email or text to book your appointment.
undefined $60 
Life Coaching
with Lisa Howard-Fusco
"The unexamined life is not worth living."- Socrates
If you find yourself stuck in any area of your life- such as relationships, career, health or personal fulfillment - consulting a life coach can be a great way to help you identify blocks and patterns that keep you "stuck," and facilitate meaningful change and transformation in your life.
One-on-one, confidential sessions scheduled by appointment only.
Free consultation session

Turtle's medicine is longevity, protection, wisdom, spirituality and healing. Call on turtle when you need or perhaps turtle will appear in your life to remind you what is needed.