New Free Class
Karma Vinyasa Community Yoga
A free class, move united in breath to a strong flowing series of postures.
Begins 2-27.

Kirtan Drum Circle
 with Jodie Goff
February 11th and February 25th 6-9 pm
(Always the 2nd & 4th Sunday)

Chant, dance and play a variety of musical instruments. A form of self-massage, chanting, dancing and playing music raises your vibration and can create a state of euphoria. 

Suggested donation $5

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids 
with Stacey Goddard
Ongoing drop-in $10
Next series begins
Saturday, March 17th - April 21st

Ages 5-8 Meets 10:30 - 11:15 am
Ages 8-12 Meets 11:30 - 12:30 pm

Kids will learn Yoga and Mindfulness activities in a fun and supportive environment during a 6 week series. 
Preregistration is suggested; $50 for six classes.


Reiki Share
with Alana Darling
Saturday, February 24th 1:00-3:00 pm
For about 15-20 minutes, receive Reiki from possibly more practitioners as they work together. Reiki is universal healing energy that assists you to you heal yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Drop-in during the two hour session. 
 $15 or class card

 Reiki Restorative Yoga 
with Jamey and 
Tibetan Healing Bowls 
with Anne Marie
Every Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 pm 
Combine the healing properties of Reiki, Restorative Yoga and Tibetan Bowls. Self-care is not selfish, replenish with us.
$20 or class card

Reiki Restore with Gina Dinkey
Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Rest and renew while receiving Reiki in a group setting. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that can transform your physical, emotional or spiritual state of being. $10 or use class card

Subconscious Progression-Regression 
 Soul Growth Sessions 
 with Ann Marie Santora
In a private session Ann Marie will guide your soul to present subconscious images of memories past or future which will give you information that is necessary at the time to evolve your spirit. All messages are for your highest good. Book a session anytime you, Ann Marie and the studio or free or sessions are also available at Ann Marie's home studio. 

$75 per session.

Ann Marie is a certified Cayce Regressionist, Spiritual Minister and Spiritual Director.

Astrology Readings with Kirsten Askins
Said to be the first language of the heavens. You can know yourself & your soul's path toward love in this life and the best timing of events through your birth chart.
Readings by appointment $60 per hour undefined

Tarot & Angel Card Readings 
with Kirsten Askins
Connect to divine guidance through the symbolism of the Fool to the World journey of the Tarot and the guidance of the Angels.
$60  per hour

Reiki Healing with Essential Oils with Practitioners
Receive spiritually guided life force energy to promote health and to open your energy field to love.
Call, email or text to book your appointment.
undefined $60 
Thai Yoga with Kirsten Askins
Experience Yoga in a different way. Be gently opened and lengthened in the body through assisted postures.
1 hour private $60.

Hanu is the Hawaiian word for breath.
Pronounced (haa-nu), it represents our potential to connect to each moment with an inhale and exhale.
It is also a point above the chin and below the lower lip, when activated helps one to be courageous.
Located at 696 East Bay Avenue, 
2nd floor
Barnegat, NJ 08005
call or text (732) 552-6178 

Gift Certificates/Class Cards

5 card $65

10 card $120

Monthly Unlimited $100

3 months Unlimited $240

Turtle's medicine is longevity, protection, wisdom, spirituality and healing. Call on turtle when you need or perhaps turtle will appear in your life to remind you what is needed.