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We're a small studio with a big heart.

Join us to gain;

Power (Shakti-krama)

Gain a sense of power, i.e., develop muscular power, the power to concentrate, the power to achieve difficult postures, the ability to work over an extended period of time.

Healing (Chikitsâ-krama)

Use yoga to eliminate impurities in the organs (doshas) energy centers (chakras) and channels (nâdîs).

Presence (âdhyâtmika-krama)

Go beyond the limitations of a mind that constantly chatters, and emotions that always shift. Know your true self as a peaceful, unchanging, witnessing, presence.

Studio and Zoom Schedule

all studio classes are offered virtually on Zoom unless noted

Empower Yoga

Monday & Sunday

9:00 – 10:15 am


Empower Yoga


4:30-5:45 pm

(not on Zoom)

Reiki Restorative



10:30 to 11:45 am

(not on Zoom)


Empower Yoga


9:00 - 10:15 am


Vitality Chair Yoga


10:30 to 11:30 am

Empower Yoga

Tuesday & Thursday

9:00 – 10:15 am


Vitality Chair Yoga

Tuesday & Thursday

10:30 to 11:30 am

Yin Yoga


9:00 -10:15 am


Vitality Chair Yoga


10:30 to 11:30 am

Empower Yoga


9:00 - 10:15 am

Beginners Mind Yoga


5:00 - 6:15 pm

Empower Yoga


4:30 - 5:45 pm

Returns 9-15

Inner Peace Pilates


8-8:45 am

Yin Yoga


6-7:15 pm


(No Zoom)

No need to preregister for studio classes, all you have to do is arrive.

Studio Class Prices

Class Cards

(can be shared with family)

All class cards are sliding scale

and do not expire.

Ten Class Card $120 to $150

Five Class Card $70 to $90

Single class $20


One month unlimited $130

Three months unlimited $365

Purchase on any day of the month.

(Includes Zoom)

Zoom Classes

$50 to $130 a month for unlimited Zoom Yoga

(you choose the best price for you)

Contact Kirsten to register for Zoom at 732 552-6178

Special Events

All Workshops Require Preregistration

Sign up at the front desk, text/call 732 552-6178 or email kirsten@hanuyoga.com

Beginner Sivananda Yoga with Jonathan Caldwell October 2nd, 9th 16th & 23rd 10:30 to 11:45 am

Be guided in the five principles of how to be a Yogi. Be taught the foundational postures and breath that will give a lifetime of benefits. 4 classes $40

Aries Full Moon Group Astrology with Kirsten Askins on Thursday, October 6th 7:00 to 8:15 pm

As a group we will look at each individual’s Astrology chart to see how and where the Aries Full Moon is affecting each one. You will leave having a better understanding of how to work with the upcoming Aries Full Moon as well as Aries energy life-long. $25 includes printed chart

Energetic Conjunction Event with Kristine Masopust, Thursday, October 13th 7 to 8 pm

October 13th marks the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and the Sun all in Virgo. This conjunction is calling us to focus on our health – particularly our digestion. Additionally, the Moon is in Taurus which invites us to relax and lean into self-care. Join Kristine for a clearing and cleansing intentional Kundalini Kriya sequence focused on restoring your digestive system coupled with a potent guided Holy Fire Reiki ‘Healing Experience’ where everyone will set a personal intention for something they are looking to clear or cleanse and receive healing reiki energy. $33

Yogic Acupressure Workshop with Camillo Caulderon on Saturday, October 15th, 10:30 to 11:45 am

Explore the mind, body and emotional patterns in this immersion of self-acupressure, tapping and yoga postures and breath. Release old thought patterns, habits and emotional baggage that no longer serve you going forward. You can create new habits to live your life healthier & happier. $25

Medical QiGong & Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation w/ Dr. Darren Orr on Thursday, Oct. 20th 7 - 9 pm

The 1st hour will be the active or Yang part of class consisting of various meditative techniques such as Medical QiGong, deep breathing, acupressure, self-massage, chanting/toning and visualization. This is done to link and synch us together for the 2nd hour of class so we can receive (Yin) the deep healing vibrations from the Crystal singing bowls. The bowls will harmonize and tune your cells and brighten and expand your auric field. $30

Gong Bath-New Moon in Scorpio with Royal Parker, Saturday, October 22nd 7:00 pm till 8:00 pm

The New Moon arrives on October 25th. Three days before is said to be the time to clear the space to set the intention for the new energy. This New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse which “sets up” the next six months of the year. Join us to clear and cleanse via the sound of the Gong. The sound of the Gong can recalibrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and raises the frequency of your electromagnetic field (aura). It has a revitalizing effect over the immune and nervous system. $25

Shamanic Drum Journey with Jeanne Harpster in Studio, Wednesday October 26th at 7 to 8 pm

We all have Ancestors, both of blood and of spirit, and each of our lives rests firmly on the foundation of their sacrifice. They are as near to us as our breath and bones, and when related with in conscious ways, they can be a tremendous source of healing, guidance, and companionship. Come, join us, as the veil thins and our Ancestors gather under the energy of the New Moon, when our creativity and ability to set intentions are at their peak. Bring your drums and rattles and an open heart. If you have an object belonging to an ancestor you wish to place on the altar, please bring that as well. $15

A Crystal Bowl Meditation with Cory Hughes, Saturday, November 5th 11 am to Noon

Join us for a relaxing and empowering program of breath, meditation and vibration designed to gently provide the balance needed to journey within yourself with the goal of raising your vibration to enhance optimal healing. Bring a blanket(s) or yoga mat to lay comfortably on the floor or you may sit in a chair. $30

Taurus Full Moon Meditation with Kirsten Askins, Tuesday, November 8th 7 to 8 pm

Expect to move a little via gentle yoga postures related to Taurus Moon and the Scorpio Sun while you learn how each sign governs a part of the body. We will make use of specific essential oils to awaken these body parts and end with a meditation to assist in further balancing Taurus/Scorpio within. $11

Release & Replenish Reiki and Yogic Acupressure with Camilo Caulderon and Gina Dinkey

Saturday November 12th 10:30 to 11:45 am

Explore the mind, body and emotional patterns in this immersion of acupressure, Reiki, yoga postures and breath. Release old thought patterns, habits and emotional baggage that no longer serve and in turn create new habits to live life healthier and happier. $35

All Special Events Require Preregistration. Text/Call 732 552-6178 or email kirsten@hanuyoga.com

Special Services

Astro Birth Charts determines the exact placement of planets at your birth. We are all born with a unique chart that defines who we are at our core; our emotions, desires and lessons of this life. Most of us know our Sun sign, the birth chart is a more detailed version of us, one that expresses everything from how we communicate to how we love and your Soul's desire.

with Kirsten Askins $160 for a two hour reading

Reiki with Practitioners Reiki accelerates the body’s self-healing. It assists to release tension, break down energy blocks and balances mind, body and emotions. It supports the immune system, clears the mind and improves focus.

with Kirsten Askins & Jamey Stofko $88 for a one hour session

Tarot Card Readings Tarot can open dialogue between the self and the soul. It can complement any other modality. The cards tell the story of your spiritual evolution into Individuation and Enlightenment.

with Kirsten Askins $60 one hour session