Yoga & Reiki Teachers

Kirsten Askins-Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

As a Pisces, Kirsten has always been drawn to Spirituality. Growing up in the 80's she wished for a world of healers and health food. Today, she is so happy to see how it has shifted and continues to grow toward more unity or yoga.  Kirsten is also a Reiki Master and Healing Touch practitioner, a certified Aromatherapist, Astrologer,  Tarot Reader and currently practicing Kriya Yoga with the Self Realization Fellowship, Ashtanga Yoga with Suresh Bhat and Kundalini Yoga with the Rama Institute. Her next wish is to bring the "Garden" back to the Garden State and the World!

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Jennifer Rinaldi  - E-RYT & Reiki Practitioner

Jennifer has practiced yoga intermittently for many years. In 2012 a few weeks after her home & family experienced the devastation of hurricane Sandy she was blindsided by her husband’s unexpected death & suddenly found herself widowed at the age of 37 with 2 young children ages 3 & 7. During this devastating time she found comfort in a daily yoga practice and discovered the true healing powers of yoga. This led her to pursue the 200 hour yoga teacher training in order to be able share her practice & discoveries with others. Jennifer has worked with nonprofit organizations serving special needs children and adults for more than half her life and has begun expanding her practice in those areas as well. She truly believes in the healing powers of yoga. She currently teaches a variety of yoga classes at various local studios and gyms. She has recently created an LLC called “Upside Down Mermaid” ( UDM YOGA ) where she teaches yoga and wellness, along with the help of Blended Prints Print Shop she has created a comfortable and affordable yoga & fitness apparel line which donates a portion of the proceeds to local veterans groups & Oceans of Love for Children with Cancer.  Jennifer is also certified in Reiki, Music Therapy & CPR.  Jennifer believes yoga is for every~body.

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Jamey Stofko-Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Jamey's Sun sign is Libra, the energy of beauty and balance. Her teaching works to find a balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. She became a teacher after entering the Masters' in Holistic Health program at Georgian Court University.  Jamie is also a registered Occupational Therapist, using that background to make the practice accessible to students of all abilities.   Her spiritual name is Bhaskari, meaning shining and she hopes that her classes will allow each individual to shine.  She is a Reiki Master and Holy Fire Practitioner. Jamey continues to study herbalism, Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism and more. She is available for private yoga  and Reiki.

Camillo Caulderon-Yoga Teacher and Photographer

Camillo is a mystic Pisces. He is a student of all things magical and artistic. His hands on acupressure will awaken your practice and his attention to the depths of Yoga asana and philosophy will inspire. He is available for private yoga and acupressure sessions. 

Find him on Instagram  @mystic_academy_wellbeing

Rebeca Matiello-Yoga Teacher and Loving Grandmother

Rebeca's first love his her growing family of grandchildren. When not focused on home and family she welcomes yogis with her strong and gentle approach to postures and breath. She continues to learn and practice to bring her students to the best that they can be.  

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Pamela McKnight -Yoga Teacher and Traveling Yogi

 Health and wellness has always been a huge part of Pam’s life. However after the discovery of yoga, she knew she had found something magical. The physical and emotional bliss after each class could not be replicated in any other “exercise” class. Pam decided to explore this “exercise” and deepen her own practice. Along the way fell in love with this ancient practice of yoga.  Yoga has provided a foundation for Pam to approach life in a positive, balanced and healthy way.  Everyone can benefit from the healing powers of yoga. The practice of yoga reminds us that everything we will ever need is already within us. Yoga is medicine.

Find her on Instagram at @OneLoveOneYoga

Rose Gohd, Yoga Teacher

In addition to practicing yoga and meditation, Rose Gohd enjoys hiking, reading and running races. She has completed 4 marathons and is an active member of several area hiking clubs.  She is a retired journalist and library assistant and lives in Barnegat with her husband Ken.